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CerioMed offers a new kind of benefit for people who tend to pay cash for their care. Currently, we offer two excellent benefits for our members:

Monthly Subscription to CerioMed Magazine

Everything from exercise to diet, and from new technologies to old reliable treatments, you will find great ways of dealing with your health issues, especially things like chronic pain and related pathologies.

CerioMed Toxicology Result Program

Many people these days find themselves in need of regular laboratory work to obtain their prescriptions, but these labs can be very hard to deal with. If your doctor currently uses one of our Network Labs, then you can qualify for your quarterly Toxicology Panels for FREE*. This can save you as much as $340 per test every 3 months. 

  * The CerioMed Toxicology Result program covers one basic or comprehensive urine toxicology panel test every 90 days. This benefit is solely for the patients of doctors who are enrolled with CerioMed Network Labs, and does not apply to laboratories or doctors outside the network. Before enrolling, make sure your doctor is in the CerioMed Network. Membership fees are non-refundable, and can be canceled at any time.

The price for membership is $19.00 per Month.

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